Saturday, 9 April 2011


dear cahya,
i've stori to tell u
i dunno how to start
it bout my bes frenz
i love her
i dun want some one to hurt her
coz i know dat felling
let me start the stori....
i would nme my frenz as A
and dat boy as B
i really dunno isn't A like B or not
but when i acompany them
i boleh nmpk ceria diwajah A
i suport if A like B
BUT....B have gf...
i will bantah sekerasnya...
i really dunno how to wake up A
to sedar yg B ada gf...
dun be manja2
A u will better find a good Mr. Right
4get B immediately
he not deserve to u
he not ur Mr. right
A...i hopely u akan sedar yew....
i sayang u.....dun be hurt.....

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